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"Where Family Join Forces To Obtain A Common Goal"


The Company Management Team

Mable Carter - President/Owner - Has acquired various accomplishments which include 10 years of banking experience working with commercial loans; 18 years as Executive Director for a non-profit Community Development Corporation building 98 single family affordable homes; 3 years as Project Coordinator/Office Manager for a for-profit builder; attended Houston Community College studying accounting, completing Project Management Courses along with Strategic Planning; Office Management, Human Resources, FEMA Management; Real Estate and Emergency Preparation courses. Mable's ability and experience in start-up business and multi-tasking affords her to be successful, professional and mange with a sense of detail and great profoundness.

John Cotton - Transportation Director - Has 16 plus years in the transportation industry. He has advanced expertise in but not limited to delivery of equipment, raw material with such companies as Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Schlumberger. His experience include Distribution Manager, Quality Control, Risk Management, Inventory Control, Leadership. Customer Relations and Logistics Distribution.

Darrell Carter - Safety Director - Is certified in the area of traffic control along with certification in construction site safety compliance. With his training and experience it affords the company assurance that our job sites are in compliance and the company's drivers are adhering to the transportation regulations. He also has 30 plus years as an over the road driver and assist in training drivers.

Williemae Cotton - Office Manager/Dispatch - Acquired 11 years of experience as owner of her own trucking company. She brings with her strong managerial skills, routing trucks, company operations and dispatching experience. Her knowledge gives the company a stability in various areas such as office management and assurance of clear, precise communication with our clients/customers. Her expertise in building company relations as well as partnership is a tremendous plus to Top-Choice.

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